• 6 houses
  • 500 sq.m. land
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Mocro village
Budva Riviera: One of the most populartourist places in Montenegro
1500 meters away from the island of Sveti Stefan
The building is in a picturesque location, surrounded by olive trees.
It blends perfectly with the natural landscape with its 2 architectural styles: Biotech and post-constructivism.
The avant-garde straight lines of the building and the cascading shape of the villa fits naturally
into the local natural mountain landscape.
The Real-estate
Building of 8 floors with an area of ​​2700 m2
8 apartments of 85 m2 plus a terrace for each apartment of 45 m2
10 studio apartments of 24 m2
Land size 5500 m2

Constructed in 2010
2 swimming pools
Tennis court
Professional kitchen
Children's room
Barbique platform.

All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, mobile Internet (Sveti Stefan beach) about 1500 meters.
The villa is connected to city municipals (sewerage, water, electricity 64 kW).
An asphalt two-lane road leads to the villa, which greatly increases the cost of land and objects where such a road exist
The cost of land in the specified area is 200 - 300 Euro per m2:
Land size: 5,500 m2= 1,375,000 Euro .

The cost of real-estate/m2 is proximity 2000 euro
Building size: 2,700 m2 = 5,400,000 Euro

Market basic* value after reconstruction is approximately 5,000,000 Euro.
Building Reconstruction costs valued at 300,000 Euro

* Value expected to increase
Now!!!! For a very limited time offered at purchase price of: 2,500,000 Euro
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